Guild: How to manage items

In this section we learn how to manage and revoke rented assets.

Revoking access to a rented asset

It's really easy to manage and remove access to assets with the Nefta guild platform.

Step 1: Head to "Digital Assets" in the left-hand navigation.

Step 2: Find the asset you want to revoke access for

Step 3: Click "DETAILS" (near the right of the table).

List of assets 'Details'

List of assets 'Details'

Step 4: Hit "Withdraw" next to:

A) the wallet address that you want to revoke access to, OR
B) the unique Ownership ID that you want to remove from a wallet.

Details page

Details page



That wallet is no longer associated with that asset.

The game that gifted your guild the assets will no longer recognise that wallet address with that asset.

Feel free to rent that asset to a different scholar/wallet!