Game<>Guild rental system & workflow

In this section:

We will cover:

  • Project;
    • How to onboard your partner communities,
    • How to create and gift assets to your partner communities.
  • Communities:
    • How to rent assets from the Project to your community,
    • How to manage asset rentals
  • Architecture and technical considerations,
    • Integration: Client side
    • Integration: Server side

Project: Onboard partners & communities;

We have the tooling that makes it quick and easy to incentivise and onboard partners & communities to join your ecosystem.

Game: Setup your partners

Game: How to create & gift assets to your partners

Communities that want to onboard games;

Games are always looking for more players, and our tooling makes it easy for you to approach a game and get better benefits for your players. We're making it quick and easy for communities and guilds to partner with games.

Guild: How to import and rent assets

Guild: How to manage asset rentals


Everything you need to evaluate the use case of the game <> community relationship.

Architecture & technical: Guild rental - for partners

Integration: Client side

Integration server side

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