What is the Nefta wallet

A wallet for users to hold items on a blockchain. (Required)

A "wallet" is a special inventory for users to keep items from a blockchain in. If you want your users to have an item that lives on a blockchain, then they have to have a wallet.

With that said, it shouldn't be on the user to have an extra step in their journey. They just want to do what they came to you for (play a game, buy an item, get access to something).

As a result, we made a wallet that's so simple that your users won't even know it exists.

Everything happens in the background.

Onboarding users: Workflow, SDKs and APIs (and user experience from the SDK)

Wallet: Once a user gets their wallet (web version)

Wallet - part of the toolkit

We designed the Nefta wallet to be an instant solution for every user that interacts with your business to start receiving, creating and buying & selling items on the marketplace.

The wallet works out of the box with the Nefta Marketplace, Asset Creation, Asset Distribution, and Ad SDK/Advertising platform.