Item creation architecture

Workflow for creating items via API

The below are the steps that we recommend to create an item using our APIs.

If you haven't already, we recommend exploring our API reference .

Prerequisite: Trigger

An event has to happen in your system to trigger the following workflow.

This could include an item dropping in a game, a customer making a purchase at POS, or anything.

Step 1: Upload media

The first step is uploading media via our API Create asset part 1: Upload.

You need to send us the media (image, audio, Gif, video, anything).

Once we get the media, we create an ID for that asset type (AssetID)

Step 2: Upload characteristics

Once you get the media uploaded and an AssetID is returned, you can upload any data (metadata) you want against that asset ID.

Simply post: Create asset part 2: Configure with the asset ID and any data you want.

Step 3: Give to the user

The final step is to give that Asset ID to the User ID.

This is a nice and simple bit.

Because you've created the asset, all you have to do is post to us:

  • I want this user ID,
  • To get X number of units,
  • Of asset ID: Y.

Once you post those details, the asset is minted on a chain and gifted to that user. It now lives in their wallet.


Ownership ID. This is v-important.

At this step, the asset is minted on chain and gifted to the user.

You will receieve through the endpoint the "Ownership ID".

The ownership ID is the unique ID for that specific asset. It is the fingerprint for that asset.

If you want to do anything with that asset in the future (evolve the asset, burn it, etc), you will need to post the Ownership ID.

Make sure you save this.

Once the asset is given to a user, it is minted onto a blockchain and a unique Ownership ID is generated (for that specific individual item).

The full workflow together: