NFT & smart contract FAQs

What chains does Nefta support?A: 13+ chains.

We support any EVM and Cosmos chain on request, and can integrate with most chains in a few weeks if required.
What media can I use to upload for an NFT?A: Images, audio, video, 3D, gifs; anything really.
Are your smart contracts audited?A: Yes. Here is the link to our audit and the details
This also means you don't have to create your own smart contracts or have them audited.
You can just use ours out of the box.
Can we add custom details to Nefta's smart contracts?A: Yes.
We have a section in our smart contracts that enables extra information to be added if required. We have worked with a lot of brands and studios that had custom requirements, so feel free to speak to us.
Can I view and manage my contracts?A: Yes.
In the Nefta Platform under "Contracts" on the left hand menu, you can view all of your contracts and their status.
When does minting happen?A: Our solution mints at the point of ownership.
What this means is that you can create as many NFTs as you want in our system, and they are not minted until a user buys it from the marketplace or until you gift it to a user.

Once the act of ownership is triggered (bought or gifted), the mint happens, and the assets unique ownership ID is given.
Who pays for gas?There are three answers to this.

1. You have a project wallet. Gas fees at the point of minting are taken from this project wallet as standard.
2. By standard, users pay their own gas fee when handling transactions.
3. We have the option for the project wallet to front the gas fee for the user wallet. This is not on by standard, so you have to choose to turn this on.
How many assets can I create in one go?As many as you want.
What token standards do you support?Nefta supports ERC20, 721, and 1155's.
We built when ERC1155 was in its infancy and developing, and as a result we have built everything to 1155 standards.

NFTs are produced as ERC721, and currencies as ERC20.
How do evolving assets work?Nefta enables items to have traits.
Traits can either be fixed by minting a standard NFT, or they can be updated by giving the NFT the "evolvable" characteristic.

The evolvable traits enable:
- New traits to be added,
- Existing traits to be updated,
- Existing traits to be removed.
Is everything with Nefta on-chain?That's up to you.

By standard, traits are linked to within the meta data inside the smart contract to our AWS.
This link can be updated to your AWS, or to IPFS if you want everything on chain.

The reason we chose traits to be handled as standard on AWS is because it greatly reduces the volume of information with a smart contract, reducing gas fees for everyone, as well as being a fast method to enable many traits to be updated frequently.