Wallet & onboarding FAQs

Is the wallet custodial?A: It’s semi-custodial.

This means that Nefta have access to the private keys, but we allow the user to export that private key if they have a fully registered email-confirmed account with 2FA authentication.

The reason why we built it like this is so that we allow a seamless gaming experience. You don’t have to go to an external wallet every single time you make a transaction.
Can the user bring their own wallet and still use Nefta?A: Yes, we allow users to bring theirs.

This can be done both when signing up to your service and their wallet acts as auth for the Nefta wallet, or by connecting their Nefta wallet to their custodial wallet after the fact.
Is the wallet address customisable?A: No.
How can my users sign up?Email, socials, Discord, Twitch, or with any existing wallet.

Additionally, there is a "guest" function by which users don't have to provide any information.

The benefit of this is frictionless wallet creation and the ability to hold NFTs/digital assets instantly. The drawback is if their session ID is lost, they are unable to re-auth back into their wallet.

We have lots of information in the "Onboard Users" section of our docs as to how you can sign up users, generate their wallets, and convert guest users into full users.