Game: How to create & give items to your partners

In this section we'll learn how to:

  • create assets for a guild;
  • gift those assets to the guild.

How to create assets for a guild

View this guide: Create Assets/NFTs
(It's the same process).


  • Go to "Digital Assets" and hit "Create;"
  • Upload media
  • Enter details (characteristics & traits);
  • Hit "Create;"
  • All done.

How to rent assets to your guild partner

View this guide Gift assets gift all of the assets to the guilds' metamask wallet.


  • Go to "Digital Assets;"
  • Click the asset you want to gift;
  • Click "Gift to users;"
  • Gift to an address;
  • Choose how many instances of the asset you want to gift (all of them if you minted for the guild);
  • Hit gift;
  • Done!


Make sure your wallet is funded

When you "Create assets", you are creating the blueprint for the NFT/asset.

It is not minted on-chain yet.

We mint assets into NFTs at the point that they are sent to a wallet.

Once you go to gift the assets to the guild, you will need to ensure you project is funded (Overview > Project > Details > View wallet funds / Fund wallet).

That's it!


In a few clicks and a couple of minutes, you've minted thousands of assets and gifted them to your guild!

Now your guild partner can start dishing out assets to their scholars (also made simple with the Nefta platform).

Easy peasy.