Intro; Integration, APIs, and SDKs

How can I integrate Nefta's tools?

A question we get a lot, and we've made it unbelievably easy.

The long version: These docs contain detailed guides of how our tools work and how to integrate them, including various options from client-side, server-side, SDKs, and other workflows. Take a look through all of our documentation for details.

The short version:


Our robust APIs allow you to effortlessly connect your business systems with Nefta's technology, ensuring the secure posting of verifiable and accurate information onto a blockchain.

Check out our API reference here


Our software development kits (SDKs) are tailored for both Unity and Unreal, providing an accessible and straightforward way to incorporate Nefta's trust-enhancing capabilities into your existing applications and workflows.

Nefta<>Unity SDK (video demos and all).

Nefta<>Unreal SDK (video demos and all).

Easy-to-Use Platform

The platform is designed with user experience in mind, making it simple for businesses to adopt and leverage our tools to improve trust and reputation.

Overview page

Overview page