Evolve/update an item

Evoluve/update an item

The likelihood is that the items that you create will need to have some information updated over time. Nefta make these updates incredibly easy.

Considerations before we start

There are a few things that you need to know before we discuss updating items:

  • The way that items are updated is that the minted asset has a URI that links outside of the asset. This is where the updates happen, in the metadata outside of the asset.

This metadata can be stored in one of two places, and it's up to you which:

  1. Our AWS account, and you ping our API to get us to update this data.
  2. IPFS, which is on-chain and immutable, but is slower and more expensive.

It's up to you how you want us to handle this bit for you. We recommend AWS, and in the event that you want it moved to IPFS down the road, we can always migrate the data so it's then all on-chain.

The main important bit is that the item is on a blockchain.


  1. You must have an asset already created with our platform, and as a result, an "Ownership ID".
  2. The asset you want to evolve must have been created with the characteristic "Evolving asset".

Update assets ("Evolve")

POST Evolve asset with the:

  • Ownership ID,
  • The trait you want to update,
  • The new value of that trait