How to create items for your users

Creating items that live on a blockchain:

We created a set of tools that work out of the box so you can create items in minutes, deploy them in seconds, and utilise our pre-built APIs to do any form of validation in your existing systems and workflows.

(Also, all of our contracts have been pre-audited and approved, find the details on that here)

(Scroll down a little bit if you want to watch a video demo of creating digital items in the the platform).

You have 2 options: Automatic via API or Manual via the platform

Automatic: API

The barebones to use our API is the following:

Diagram for item creation

Diagram for item creation


The advantage to using our API for this process is that you can POST the required steps when the trigger is met in your existing workflow/system. You don't actually have to do anything once the integration is done.

For more detail on the architecture and workflow, please view the next page Item creation architecture.

Manual: In the platform

The video guide below demonstrates how to create items within the platform in just a few minutes. It's the same process as above.

The advantage to using the platform is it is really easy and simple. The disadvantage is that it is a manual process.

Video guide on how to create items:

Text guide:

The platform enables you to create digital items and mint them on a blockchain of your choice.

We give you the ability to customise how your smart contracts function within the platform, in addition to providing a "Custom" section via API for any truly bespoke additions that you would like to make.

In a few minutes, you can deploy thousands of assets to your marketplace, or start renting to scholars in seconds; saving you the web3 talent and months of development.

Step 1: Creating your assets

On the left-hand navigation, click on "Digital Assets".

No digital assets have been created yet

No digital assets have been created yet

Click "Create" in the top right-hand corner.

Drag and drop assets to create them

Drag and drop assets to create them

Upload your files (image, audio, video, 3d, etc)


Pro tip:

You can upload multiple assets at once.

Don't spend ages doing them one by one!

Customisation page

Customisation page

Step 2: Customise the details:

  • How many instances of the asset
  • Commission Percentage (royalty)
  • Asset type (NFT = On-chain vs Virtual Asset = not minted)


Why should I create off-chain assets in your platform?

You can choose to not mint low value items in order to save on gas fees while following the same serial number order and trait logic.



Step 3: Add characteristics

You can add all of the characteristics or none. Entirely up to you!

Evolving Assets

This characteristic enables traits to be:

  • Added to another asset
  • Removed from another asset
  • Changed within an asset

Should you want to enable an item to increase in power on kills, or lose durability on deaths, now it's possible. On-chain and with legitimate value evolving as the asset changes. Perfect for gaming.

Timed Assets

An asset that will self-destruct after a specified period.

You can customise by days, hours, and minutes.

Favourite for seasonal engagement and loyalty programmes


This asset can be destroyed.

This is great for consumables.

Earn by Owning

Players will earn currency by owning this asset.
These rules can be customised when selecting earn by owning.

Step 4: Add traits

Add and customise properties for your digital assets.

Traits give you an opportunity to customise anything you want to your asset.


For example, an MMORPG might want stats like:

  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Hit chance
  • Dodge chance
  • XP
  • Durability
  • Anything else


Pro tip: Customising individual traits

If you uploaded multiple assets at once, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Any trait you add (for example 10 strength) will apply to all assets by default.
  2. You can click on any trait after it's been added to modify it.

This is a really quick way to add all your assets and customise each trait to provide unique values.


A cool combo: Characteristics + Traits

Combining traits with the "Evolving Assets" characteristic and the events generated from your gameplay loops, can produce genuine living items on chain, 100% owned by the player, which they can use to level up, change, increase in value, and sell.

Everything is easily deployable in a few minutes because of the Nefta platform.

List of created assets

List of created assets



All of your NFTs & digital assets are created. Like magic!

No need for an army of blockchain engineers or years of crypto knowledge.

5 minutes, a few clicks, and you're good to go.


What to do with your assets?

Check out the Marketplace and Distribute section of our guides!