Sample workspace with example integration can be downloaded from:


iOS minimal deployment 11

Include the SDK

You can download the latest NeftaPlugin module from:

Unzip it and copy it inside your project, so that it will look something like this:

Then include this framework in your project go to project settings in the General tab for your Target and scroll down to Framework, Libraries and Embedded Content section and click on the + button:

In the popup window select Add Other... > From files... and select xcframework that you have copied over in the previous step:

After this the framework section should look like this:

Code integration

For this part, you will need the appId which you can get here:

#import <NeftaPlugin_iOS/NeftaPlugin_iOS.h>
  // Init the sdk
  NSString *appId = @"5070114386870272";
  [_plugin InitWithAppId: appId useMessages: false];
  [_plugin PrepareRendererWithUiView: self.view];

Note that if you provide nil or empty string as the application id, the SDK will run in demo mode; it will show testing ads, in case you want to test the technical client part, without configuring the backend.

With this, you can start bidding, showing, and earning with Nefta ads.